AXR Competent Climber Kit

AXR Competent Climber Kit
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All the basic items on AxcessRescue's competent climber recommended equipment list compiled into one kit with optional items at the bottom of the page. Kit includes:

  -Rope Access Harness:
    Yates AxcessRescue Rope Access Harness
  -Positioning Lanyard attached to harness trapezoid link:
    BlueWater Ropes 2' Sewn Tecnora Lanyard w/ Kong Tango
    10" 2 wrap BlueWater Ropes Hybrid Prusik adjuster
  -Carabiners, 5,000 lbf. minimum:
    1 ISC Luke SuperSafe (3-Stage) carabiner for D4 descender or Rock Exotica rockD Auto-Lock (3-Stage) carabiner for Petzl descender
    2 PenSafe A333PS (2-Stage) carabiners
  -Descent device:
    Petzl I'D S
    ISC D4
  -Back-Up device:
    Petzl ASAP LOCK with ASAP'Sorber 40cm
    Kong Back-up w/2mm tug cord (comes with steel carabiner) with BlueWater Ropes 16" Sewn Dynamic Lanyard
    to chest w/ Petzl 7mm GO Long Oval Quick Link
    Kask Super Plasma
    Petzl Vertex Vent

   -Fall Protection Lanyard:
    Yates Tie Off Adjustable Free Fall Lanyard

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