AXR Industrial Lift/Lower Basic Rescue Kit

AXR Industrial Lift/Lower Basic Rescue Kit
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All of items for AxcessRescue's Basic Industrial Lift/Lower Rescue Kit. Kit includes:

    250' of BlueWater Ropes 11mm DGR Static Rope
  -Rope and Gear Bag
    BlueWater Ropes Large Rope Bag
    ISC D4 Descender
  -Rope Grab
    ISC RP209 Mini Ropegrab with Pip Pin
  -2 Anchor Loops
    BlueWater Ropes Rhino Anchor Loop
  -Haul System
    BlueWater Ropes Mini-Haul System
  -Rescue Clip
    Yates Rescue Clip
  -Rescue Ladder
    Yates 20' Rescue/Urban Assault Ladder
    4 PenSafe A333PS KwiklockCarabiners
  -Rescue Connection
    BW Short Pick Lanyard with 2 DMM A333ANSI Kwiklock Carabiners

NOTE: Painter pole is needed to be purchased separetly by customer