BlueWater Ropes 12mm ArmorTech­® Anchor Strap

BlueWater Ropes 12mm ArmorTech­® Anchor Strap
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BlueWater Ropes ArmorTech® Anchor Strap. Made of heavy duty 12mm diameter ArmorTech® rope with sewn eye termination ends and Teflon® "Dry" Coating. Loop ends allow the rope sling to be wrapped single, double, triple or end to end depending on the particular situation. Technora sheath of this rope is much more abrasion and cut resistant than webbing. Technora is also extremelly heat resistant with a melting point above 900 degrees F. Loop to loop strength is marked on the sling at 5000 lbf. (22.2kN) which is the minimum OSHA requirement for a anchor.

Available in assorted color combinations only.