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Yates Zipper Screamer. Shock absorbing sling designed to reduce peak loads in any climbing system and provides added protection in rescue situations. Not only do they absorb energy directly because of the stitch ripping effect, they also allow your rope to absorb more energy by increasing the time interval of the fall. The standard Screamer can effectively reduce peak loads by 3 to 4 kN in any climbing or rescue system. The most effective activation for a standard screamer is > 2 kN (5501 lbf.) for climbing related situations. They also reduce loads to any anchor when it is stressed in excess of the activation force. When activated, the action of the stitch ripping produces a loud tearing sound, indicating the system has reached the activation point (>2 kN) which is consistently repeatable to +- 5% accuracy. Screamers can be combined in series to double or triple the total absorption.

Activation: >2 kN
Reduction In Load: 4 to 8 kN. Made in U.S.A.